05 August 2017

on the shore

it's been a while since i write full in bahasa. my document folder use to have multiple files of creative writing. my biggest excitement when i open microsoft word used to be because i want write down everything that i felt, i experienced, my hopes and my dreams. i would sitting duck concentrate in building the words by words and than create paragraphs of unending stories. it'll just flow out.

as time passed by, i no longer have that desire. often diminished with fears of "i don't know what" and the feeling of emptiness. so i made friend with silence and solemn. i only open microsoft words or text if i have reports to do or a journal to send. blog only written for things that i wasn't sure.

no longer fun.

bahasa to me was everything.
and creative writing used to be my virtue.
now? i even scared to scribble down some plot or story line or even describe a character.