today's twitter entry would be..

>it's raining all day today. feeling lumpy and grumpy. made chicken curry. i'm sure tomorrow the gravy will be more thick. it'll be nicer to indulge in it.

>this time around i'm thinking of going to india. why? coz there's so much vibrant color. i'm sure tv only show me what i want to see. tempted. take for example, i'm here stuck in Bogor but i couldn't even get out of Dramaga. "Responsibility"

>i shall not care anymore. to say that is like lying to your pretty face, like spitting up in the air. it isn't right..

>but it is true.

>i think what i have now will soon expire.

>got nothing much to hold on to these days.

>what can i do what the person i love starting to dismiss me? i haven't get used to his "grand philosophy" of love. at this point..i'm afraid, i'd lose.