what we talk when we talk about us?

the problem with us is, we talk but we don't really communicate. we talk about things, petty things. we didn't express our thoughts well. we didn't tell each other why we're exclusive, why we should matter. we don't dream about each other anymore!

if only you could reach out to me as i try to reach into you.

neither of that matters to you.

why is a big question lying, floating in our heads.. or in this case, it's only been me.

why i feel like only i think all we have matters..
why would you ignores me
and why you go all quiet and surly when i ask you?
why why why

and when i try to convey, naturally you'll shut up, and ignore me.

and all you do is digging back your past! not even thinking bout ours but you, yours alone.

to think how selfish a human being can be, these provocative things that you're doing, this is it. and it's killing me.

and you'll push everything away, even me! making me a fool for wanting not let go. making me a tool for you...i don't event know what am i to you.