Babah told me..

Babah told me one Sunday morning, "You know how much i love you." And insisted me to live near by him once i have a job, perhaps even after i have my own family. "I just want to see how much he trully loves u. I just want him to prove it." He added. He always concern about my future, it's natural for a father, and now to want to know more about the man I'd choose to spend my whole life with. A man that are capable to shoulder all responsibilities ahead.  

"Kalau nak tahu kekuatan seorang lelaki, lihat dia bermula dari kosong."

Di sini saya sedar yang kita perlu bijak mengambil peluang. Harus bijak atur langkah untuk masa depan. 

"If a man trully loves you, he'd sacrifice anything to have you in his life. But if you sacrifice for him, you'd end up sacrifice your whole life."