Untuk Lelaki yang buat-buat tak tahu....

well..for the time being aku kena take care of my baby boy yang baru lahir semalam. alhamdulillah. aku ada 3 body guard yang tough2 and comel2 tahun nie..sronok la korang ada geng ye? hehe.. so smalam aku jengah kawan-kawan siber, dan tiba-tiba terpanggil untuk sumbat facts ni. so guys, jangan buat-buat tak tahu apabila anda dah tahu. don't act stupid and spoonfeed. aku akui memang ramai lelaki yang suka di-lead oleh pasangan mereka. iaitu wanita. but somehow.. bila anda (kaum lelaki) ni buat2 buta sign, tak paham bahasa alien Pluto yang kami cuba utarakan..urghh..sangat buhsan lor..

1. Dont ever lie to us ; we always find out no matter what. (kami punya 6sense ogeyh...)
2. Dont say you understand when you dont. 
3. Girls are pretty ; get over it. We like to start fights.
4. You dont have PMS, so dont act like you know what its like. Dont try to understand.. belive me you never will.
5. Saying something sweet might get you off the hook ; doing something sweet will always get you off the hook.
8. Its good to be sensitive sometimes.
9. Hugs and kisses must be given at all times. (married only)
10. We are beautiful at all times.
11. Shave ! No matter how cool you think your goatee or beard or mustache looks, we hate it. We like clean-cut men. ( yeap .. tapi aku suka Johny Depp tanpa shave haha)
12. I expect you to call me.
13. Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. ( yeah yeahh ..jangan tido pulak..!!! )
14. When she says she's ok - dont believe it, talk with her. ( so true bby )
15.Give her the world.
17. Let her know she's important. ( i love this )
18. Kiss her in the pouring rain.
19. Let us mess with you hair, its fun for us. (no 1 personal interest hahaa)
20. Girls like to hold hands with guys when they are walking together. ( AGREE! ) haha
21. Girls like it when guys put their arm around them. It makes them feel loved and wanted. But dont do it when you are walking, because then its awkward. If you are standing somewhere or sitting down, put your arm around them. ( i like this one too )
22. If you are in a group of other girls or boys with your girlfriend, make it seem like she is the only one you are interested in talking to. ( so agree ! )
23. Pay attention to them. Girls will tell a guy they trust anything. Eve
n if you dont care about what shes saying, at least pretend to be paying attention.
24. If a girl is clearly upset, dont ignore it and hope it goes away, talk to her and ask her about it. If she says " Nothing, im fine," but its obvious shes not, dont just say okay.. keep asking because thats what they want. They will tell you if they love you.
25. Girls will tell guys they love anything, so dont betray the trust. If they tell you something and they say dont tell anyone, dont. Or else you will lose that trust. And even if they dont say " Dont tell anyone, " still, just dont.
26. Girls dont take fighting very well. They either get really sad.. or they get pissed and get bitchy. So dont start fight. !!
27. Girls like hugging guys for a long time. If she doesnt pull away from the hug, it means she wants to stay like that for a but, so dont rush. You should enjoy it too.
28. Writing poems or songs for girls, really is the sweetest thing ever. Even if it looks like a three year old wrote it, it still is cute. ( likey likey much )
29. If there are pictures of you two together or something, it is always cute when you make it your display picture on msn. Or you profile picture on facebook, myspace, or any other account you have.
30. Its hard for a girl to admit she likes you. So when she does, dont act grossed out.
31. Act like a real boyfriend should in front of your friends. IT DOES impress us.
32. If a guy is bothering her, it is your right to beat the crap out of him.
33. Dont stress where you go for every date. They really only want to be with you. ( REMEMBER THIS ! )
34. Girls get jealous, Very easy. though she might not show it.
35. Girls are pretty, bur yours is ALWAYS the Prettiest !

aku mungkin di-condemn untuk entri ni. theheck..! tambah ilmu karot 1 tan lagi..bahhahahaa