a friends who cares

Let me be the rock to lean on
Hands to help you walk the path
Remove traces of confusion
You are in my heart.

When the morning sun rises
I will be your humming bird
To eliminate your distress
You are in my mind.

Your sad eyes filled with tears
Let me wipe it with caring stares
And we'll look on the sunset together
You don't need to go further.

When you feel everything is falling
let me raise you with my spirit
When pain resides in your heart
I will kiss it away with love.

When everyone is against you
I will stay and be your shield
Lift you up, be with you
I am your friend.

You are born in my heart
I will not disgrace your trust
Let me warm you with my love
Truly a friend, one who cares.

alkisah semalam enam sahabat berpelukan memberi support yang tak pernah berkurang.

aku mula kenal erti kawan, sahabat & setan. terima kasih dunia :)

*ini dunia yang aku jejak sekarang*

dunia silam aku masih berbekas lagi.